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Terms of sales

All of our prices are given Euro with sales tax included, unless anything else is specified. All of the prices on the BSR homepage is the current day-to-day price. We reserve the right to continually adjust the prices. We have reservations regarding any possible errors, for example in pricing, that could occur in advertisements and on the homepage. 

Payment - individuals
- Card payment  (VISA and Mastercard) 
- Paypal

Payment - company
- Card payment  (VISA and Mastercard) 
- Advance invoice. We send you an advance invoice via e-mail, which you pay using postal services or bank giro


We apply the Swedish consumer law.
Your receipt is proof of guarantee. Therefore, save the receipt for the entire warranty period.
No warranty on BSR motorsports products.

Delivery - individuals in Sweden
- Privpak. The goods are collected at your local representative (Max 20kg, max 1 package). Link 
- Home delivery during daytime with notification. Deliveries weighing in excess of 20 kg or containing more than one package will be delivered to your home address during daytime.
- Home delivery in the evening with notification (Not possible to all postal codes). Deliveries weighing in excess of 20 kg or containing more than one package will be delivered to your home address in the evening (17.00 - 22.00)
- Letters. If size and weight allows it, goods will be sent as letters.
- Pick-up. The goods are picked up at Deltavägen 9, 352 45 Växjö.

Any delivered goods remain BSR property until they are fully paid.

PPC Terms of agreement: 

1: It is not allowed to open the unit, or in any form try to make a copy of the software or hardware related to the PPC itself or the PPC Tuning System, including the PPC Sync program. 

2: It is not allowed to disassemble or reverse the PPC unit functions or PPC Sync functions. 

3: It is not allowed to use BSR software or coming software updates for reversed engineering of an ECU. 

4: It is not allowed to use the PPC, or its software that is acquired from BSR, in any other way than as described by BSR and/or the BSR staff. 

5: It is not allowed to read out the information in a tuned ECU, or the PPC, and by this try to modify, copy, distribute or reproduce the BSR tuning software. 

6: If the ECU software is overwritten with any other tool then PPC, BSR cannot guarantee the function with PPC later on. The PPC must be used as instructed by BSR. (see manual) If PPC has been exposed to anything set out above, BSR claims the right to expel the PPC and its owner from all support, updates and access to BSR servers; The warranty will be void and any refund will be denied. BSR can and will take legal actions against anyone who does not follow this agreement.

7. When the customer uses his PPC, the car's software is backed up in the PPC and, if applicable, also on the BSR server.

Personal data and Privacy Policy

GDPR, the EU Data Protection Regulation, imposes higher demands on us as a company for processing your personal data. The data BSR Svenska AB collects or you give in connection with purchase or other contact is treated with maximum respect and is in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable at the time.
Storing personal data is in our database, these information is used to enable BSR Svenska AB to fulfill its commitments to you. This includes delivering your goods, delivery vouchers, but also answering your requests, including other support, as well as informing you about news, offers and updates. Personal data are only disclosed to third parties who perform services for BSR Svenska AB's behalf such as digital communications, to complete a payment, delivery of goods or which is required by law. However, they may never distribute or transfer the data to any other party.

To read more about the law and what it means: