PPC tuning release - VAG

PPC tuning for new VAG models

After six years of research and development we have created a series of tuning kits allowing quick and simple PPC tuning for most new VAG cars (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat) from 2009 onwards.

The innovation enables a fast and user-friendly way for the owners of these cars to tune without lifting the bonnet. Previously, the newer car models from the VAG group had to visit a service center to get their car tuned - a step which is now completely bypassed.

The BSR PPC device is delivered to your door step and are easy connected to the diagnostic socket inside the car. With some keystrokes and a few minutes of waiting, the new software is loaded into the car's ECU. After this process the car is directly ready to run - with more horsepower and torque than before. The PPC unit also provides the ability to restore the software to factory settings or load the tuning kit again if the software have been removed by the workshop.

BSR also give 1 year machine warranty (for cars with
existing machine warranty) on their tuning kits.

"This is the biggest news to the industry in a very long time.
Car owners across the world have for long requested this. For them it will now get significantly easier to tune their car"
Stefan Olsson, CEO - BSR Sweden

Publié: 2014-10-20